University of Oviedo
Quantum Chemistry Group
Universidad de Oviedo
Departamento de Química Física y Analítica
c/ Julián Clavería 8, 33006-Oviedo, Spain
Fax: (34) 985-103491
Quantum Chemistry group

Former Components of the Team

Image of the S3-3 real spherical harmonic function Spherical harmonics gallery colored by sign or by phase
Embedding conference in Keele Embedding conference in Keele (1995)
Condensed matter encounters in Laredo Encuentros sobre materia condensada en Laredo (1999)
RFW Bader and the QCG group R.F.W. Bader comes to Oviedo (1999)
DFT2001 meeting in El Escorial DFT2001 meeting in El Escorial
EHPRG39 meeting in Santander EHPRG39 meeting in Santander (2001)

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